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It's all gone a lot Pete Tong

This was one of the main reasons I started this blog! To see the bad side, the times when things don't go to plan at at some point it will happen! This week has been a bit of a nightmare in terms of gym and diet. It started with a party.....isn't that it always starts?

I decided to stay at a party on Sunday instead of drive home. This meant I got drunk stayed over and got home late Monday afternoon. So Monday is out in terms of Gym, then I'm starving and with no time for cooking I order take out, loads of it, to fix my hangover, doing further damage.

My car has been out of action this week meaning I've been getting public transport everywhere. This has resulted in all journeys taking at least 45 minutes longer than usual and this week has been busy in terms of where I've needed to be so this has set me back, not having the same usual time to get to the gym. By the time I've gotten home I'm knackered. Maybe its a motivation thing, but on 2 days this week I left the house at 7am to got back at 6.30pm. On the Tuesday night I got home from the pissing rain soaked and my shed had blown over so I then had to sort that out. I've barely had time to eat properly let alone get to the gym. I was hoping to have had another productive week, pictures and videos or progress to share but it just hasn't transpired that way at all. This is the crazy roller-coaster we call life isnt it? Next week should be just as busy but I should have the car back and so be able to better manage everything.......we will see!

Next week I'm hoping to have some progress pics from the gym, I'll do a video of the what the diet should look like on a usual week as well. Have fun and stay safe.

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