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5 weeks of hell......

.....enjoyable hell I should add. I said on our Facebook page last week that I was going to let you all follow me for the next 5 weeks as I train to become a better Freddie. This is gonna include everything, Physical training, Diet, Vocal Training, Technique, Dance training. Why? You might ask. Well I've had, to be frank, a f**king awful year personally, and because of this I've noticed I am not at my best when performing, my technique has taken a hit, I'm not as fit and I've put on weight. And with a busy Dec and Jan gig wise I need to sort it!!

So basically I'm going to be posting videos and pics in these episodes of the next 5 week journey. It started this week and it hasn't been easy but I love my job and I want to the best I can be so its absolutely necessary.

Some pics of me training and the day 1 body shot. I'm hoping by week 5 there be some noticeable changes!!

So I'm signing of for today and I'll keep you all updated with whats going on!!

Much Love

Freddie x

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