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Why Queen II are the perfect show for your event...

Queen II have been established for over 10 years in which time they have successfully performed for all types of event, from theatres to weddings, festivals to to local charity fundraisers.   


Queen II understand the specific requirements of these various types of events and are able to easily accommodate and adapt their extremely efficient production to suit your needs.  


What’s more, Queen II offer all of this in one, simple package.  This means you get everything that a Queen II show can offer as standard.  


But how can one package cater for different types of event?


Queen II know that it can be daunting booking bands and shows.  Will there be enough space?  Will there be enough time to set up?  Will they play for long enough?  Do we need a DJ too…?


Queen II have developed one modular touring production package that can cater for almost any event.  This is possible through years of experience and careful consideration in the following areas…




Queen II’s standard touring sound and light package can be loaded in, set up and sound checked, ready for action in under 2 hours.  


The show times are completely flexible.  100 minutes of performance can be reduced if needed and divided over almost any variation of 1, 2 or 3 sets.  

Background music playlists in various genres can be played before the show and during the interval as well as after the performance is finished (must be agreed in advance


Queen II can quickly and efficiently dismantle the show and load out of the venue in under 60 minutes.




Queen II’s modular stage set up can fit onto even the tightest performance areas (minimum 3.5m x 3m, w x d) yet still look impressive on larger festival of theatre stages.


Standard features such as the touring “Queen style” drum riser can be simply omitted if the performance area is too small.  


Queen II’s standard sound package has a footprint of only 55cm x 70cm per side.  This is significantly smaller than a standard speaker stand.  Yet, due to the use of modern “active” speaker design the system is capable of being extremely powerful (when required).




Not all shows are Wembley stadium and cannot run at the same volume.  Bands have often struggled for tourable sound solutions that can cater for various event volume requirements.  Often, falling back on the services of hire companies which can significantly increase costs…


Queen II have a different approach…


First, a solution would require an extremely powerful yet compact PA system.  Enter, from Germany, the HK Audio LTSA system.  This sound system boasts two benefits when it comes to its suitability to different event types.  1) It is capable of projecting sound over long distances (LTSA - “Long Throw Speaker Active”).  This means that sound can be projected efficiently to the back row of an audience without having to overwhelm audience members near the stage.  2) The system is very “directional”.  This means that sound isn’t wasted.  Most of the sound will only go where it is intended.


An equally important part of a completely flexible sound solution is the band stage sound, not the audience PA but rather the method for the band to hear themselves.  Queen II opted for the use of in ear monitoring.  This means that no extra speakers are required on stage for the band to hear themselves.  This is usually the main reason for volume getting out of control in smaller venues. 


Finally, the use of in-ear monitors means that the band members themselves have no preference whatsoever for the overall volume that the audience experiences.  This means that if you have to keep volumes moderate due to neighbours or adjacent hotel rooms etc. Queen II can accommodate.  On the other hand, if you prefer it to feel like Wembley - Queen II are equally happy to help!




Every event deserves to look its best.  Queen II’s modular stage setup ensures that every stage reaches its full potential.  As standard, Queen II tour 32 colour LED PAR cans, a 2mx2m Drum riser with lights, a portable piano and “Queen II” LED backdrop.  All of which can be reduced or omitted if the performance area isn’t suitable.


Venue Facilities


Queen II’s standard touring production package is designed to require the minimum from venues.  


The modular design means that if space is limited, elements can simply be reduced or omitted without hindrance to the core show.  


Another matter of key importance when designing the show was electrical requirements.  Queen II are thrilled to say that their full standard sound and lighting package is capable of running off or 2 standard household 13a sockets!  This is due to the modern design of the speakers and use of LEDs in the stage lighting.




By making one touring package available to all clients Queen II are able to provide all equipment necessary eliminating the need for costly add ons from hire companies.  


Queen II’s efficient set up also means that it can be transported, set up, performed and dismantled by a team of only 5 people including band members.  


Queen II are proud to present the best value for money available within the scene.




Queen II value consistency and security with regards to all shows.  


All equipment is fully PAT tested and the show carries £10 million in Public Liability Insurance.


Queen II are also proud to be associated with Enterprise Vehicle Rental.  As corporate account holders Queen II tour using only the latest and most reliable vans on the market.  


Special Requirements


Queen II are also happy to accommodate special requirements where possible.  For example, is the performance a surprise for someone’s birthday?  Queen II will gladly cover all revealing logos and “giveaways” until shortly before the performance.

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